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What is the role of the Games Development Administrator ?

The GDA will promote and develop the following initiatives within the USGAA:


  • Develop a program of involvement in the schools.
  • Tutor/Train and develop coaches within each division.
  • Tutor/Train and develop referees within each division, including young whistlers.
  • Help organize Summer Camps with in each division operated by qualified Summer Students (with J1 visas) assisted by suitably trained local youth and supervised by locally based senior personnel
  • Work in conjunction with the USGAA Divisional Youth Board, to help with the promotion and development of youth programs in schools, and county within their divisions.
  • Structure and help organize games program with divisional youth board.
  • The development officers will identify and train tutors within each division with continued training of personnel that will be become self sufficient as tutors within each division.
  • Liaise and distribute training Games Coaching and Development training materials across the Division.
  • The Divisional Development Officers and members of the County Development Committee will be available to assist new clubs with questions and requests for help etc. They would visit clubs if necessary and discuss the role of Development Officer, answer queries and provide additional training material etc.
  • Develop a proposed strategy to enable the USGAA to move forward in a productive and efficient manner in developing a Games Coaching and Development Program.
  • Continue their own development and training to ensure that they are up to date on all new training materials coming from Ireland and ensure that this is then passed onto to each development officers.
  • Develop a strategy to enable more development at the club and division levels.